leaving what’s app

Screenshot_2019-11-06 ARTIS LEEFT - YouTube

Still from ARTIS LIVES © Christian Borstlap

I’m leaving WhatsApp from december 1st 2019 on, in an attempt to regain autonomy.
Still from the wonderful short for ARTIS, ARTIS LEEFT (ARTIS LIVES).
Script, film direction & illustration : Christian Borstlap
Voice over: Freddy ‘ Vjeze Fur’ Tratlehner
Directors assistent: Claire Peyton
Music: ‘Way back home‘ by Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation
Courtesy of Dub Store Records, Japan
Animation: Manuel Ferrari
Post production: Smoke & Mirrors
Producer: Lonneke Bertens
Music producer: Chikuma Tsuboi
Sound design: Rens Pluym, Ambassadors
Sound production: Zoë de Regt