Pixvae in Rotterdam

Great news: Pixvae has a new album out soon on the French triple A label Buda Musique, called Cali, and they will perform in Grounds Rotterdam (friday april 19th) with Conjunto Papa Upa. Three years ago this French-Colombian band completely blew me away at Haarlem Hout, and 8 months later again in Paradiso Upstairs. For mixedworldmusic I did an interview with their guitarist Damien Cluzel, to be found ici. I really love their music, do check out the brilliant way these voices come together in a unique afrosound. It’s like a fullfrontal crash between Captain Beefheart and Peregoyo y su Combo Vacana!

PIXVAE VISUEL RVB 1440x1440-300dpi

Pixvae, Cali (Buda Musique, april 2019)



Pixvae live tijdens Haarlem Hout 2016, foto © Ton Maas

Voor mixedworldmusic.com sprak ik vanmorgen met Damien Cluzel van de Frans-Colombiaanse groep Pixvae. Dat interview is hier te lezen. Cluzel is in Nederland geen onbekende: eerder speelde hij o.a. in Man Bites Dog en Jump to Addis. Pixvae speelt komende vrijdag (als voorprogramma, aanvang 21.00u)  in Grounds, Rotterdam en maandag 20 februari in de kleine zaal van Paradiso (22.15u aanvang concert).