kapok goes immersive

Great news: Kapok is about to release their 4th album MIRABEL, on vinyl (double album with fold out sleeve), cd and digital. There’s also a new tour coming up, with ofcourse new material from the album, but also four special editions called MIRABEL 360°, dedicated to an immersive sound experience.

These guys fully reinvented themselves: improvisation is now center stage, with some added vibraphone and old skool synths too. Last april, I had the chance to see them rehearsing in Rood Noot, the wonderful art space near Utrecht. Can’t wait for the double vinyl to arrive, be sure to catch them live at Broedplaats Lely.

15-2 MIRABEL 360° Broedplaats Lely, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam (try out), buy your tickets
16-2 MIRABEL 360° Broedplaats Lely, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam (première),
buy your tickets
18-2 Verkadefabriek, ’s Hertogenbosch
23-2 Jazz International @ Club Doelen, Rotterdam
24-2 MIRABEL 360° Theater Korzo, Den Haag

4-3 Jazz Inverdan, Zaandam
10-3 Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen
11-3 MIRABEL 360° TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
25-3 Belfort, Sluis
30-3 Paradox, Tilburg

2017-04-21 10.35.16

Kapok: left to right: Remco Menting, Timon Koomen, Morris Kliphuis