yung wu + speed the plough


Shore Leave (Coyote Records 1987, Bar/None Records 2018)

Rediscoveries at home: The Feelies used to have all kinds of side projects and kindred spirits, like Yung Wu, The Trypes and Speed the Plough. Somehow I didn’t realize back in the day that Yung Wu basically is The Feelies a bit reshuffled, with their percussionist Dave Weckerman now taking center stage as singer. I just love those vintage Brenda Sauter basslines, wonderful acoustic & electric guitarblend and general dreamlike quality of songs like The Empty Pool. Be sure to check out Speed the Plough too. Reminiscin’ Bullit Records Eindhoven, where I used to discover these vinyl gems on friday afternoon right after school.

speed the plough

Speed the Plough (Coyote Records, 1989)

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