currently listening to

The Rough Guide To Blues Women


Cristina Zavalloni, Special Dish (Encore Jazz)
Catherine Russell, Harlem on my mind (Jazz Village Records)
Simone Sou, SOS Bras Beat (
Calypso Rose, Far From Home (Because Music)
Gabriella Ghermandi, Ethiopia Celebrating Emperor Tewodros II (ARC/Music & Words)

Oguz Büyükberber and Simone Nabotov, Wobbly Strata (Try Tone Records)
Ben Webster meets Piet Noordijk, Johnny Come Lately, live in Groningen 1973 (Dutch Jazz Archive)

Zuco 103, Etno Chic (Zucosound/PIAS)
Ragazze Quartet, Kapok & Slagwerk Den Haag, Four Four Three (Channel Classics) * * * * *
Gyuto Monks Of Tibet Featuring Kim Cunio And Heather Lee, Beyond Karma (New Earth Records)
Antonio Sanchez & Migration, The Meridian Suite (Kepach Music)
Lucas van Merwijk’s Cubop City Big Band, Star – EWF Latino (Tam Tam)
Ars Nova & Paul Hillier, Jacob Obrecht: Church Music (

V.A., The Rough Guide to Blues Women (WMN) * * * * *
V.A., DJ Rock Gitano Presents Pandaemonium Gitano – a compendium of global gypsy tunes (
V.A., Korean Music: Masters of our Time (Arts Council Korea)
V.A., Khmer Rouge Survivors: They will kill you if you cry (Glitterbeat)
V.A., The Rough Guide to Cuban Rare Groove (WMN)

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