this machine kills fascists*


2016-06-16 13.04.02

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

2016-06-16 22.26.39

the crypt

Yesterday was a day of miracle and wonder. At noon I went to the Rijksmuseumtunneltje for the Holland Festival programme Brass music of the spheres, contemporary music by students of the Royal Conservatory. At night I went to the Crypt, the wonderful nightclub for indie classical. During both concerts I suddenly was struck by the notion that these musicians and composers can be seen as soldiers in an imaginary army, fighting for something completely different than bloodshed or money. With their wonderful brass instruments and voices as weapons of mass affection their battleground is not only esthetic. It actually is much more important: they demonstrate the notion of common ground, which is a concept currently under heavy attack by various neoliberal politicians. Common ground to me is the sphere wherein you are not defined as a consumer, but as a human being. Music and harmony demonstrates common ground, almost by default. Perhaps I’m sentimental here, but what a great day for music it was..

And do visit the Crypt, I saw an opera singer performing with electric bass and piano accompaniment and the whole basement went dead silent, with one sobbing person nearby. Gorgeous music, executed with great perfection and nuance. And no, no links here, indie classical is the new underground – go look for yourself and ye will find!

*motto, in 1943 written by Woody Guthrie on his acoustic guitar.

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