allied forces #1

willem jeths discography

Currently in high rotation at Tchong’s: Dutch composer Willem Jeths

So I’m dedicated to culture. This is a more gentle way to say that I can’t live without a steady stream of new releases, books, films, concerts, discussion nights and plays. If you take away my Cineville pass, the center cannot hold, I fall apart. People have said I use culture as a way not to engage, as a childish attempt to escape from the harsh realities of life. I think there’s a point here, but alas: it’s better than heroin, right? And since I don’t have a television since as long as I can remember, perhaps my habbit is doable with life after all.

I will try to make a regular inventory to what gems I have found, in all directions. I see them as Allied Forces, to combat cynicism and fatalism inside my inner parliament. So now you understand the title of this blog. Reviews and/or remarks will be added in a rubato rhythm. 8)

Refugees for Refugees
Muziekpublique, no year, catalogue no. 7


Capeverdian groovemasters Bitori

Bitori Legend of Funaná
The forbidden music of the Cape Verde Islands
Analogue Africa, 2016
Bitori plays several gigs in the Netherlands, a.o. today june 2 in Utrecht (instore session @Plato Voorstraat), RASA friday june 3 and Rotterdam DOELEN saturday june 4, powered by Kokako Music. See Kokako site for more tour dates.

Kiki Gyan
24 hours in a disco, 1978-82
Soundway Recordings, no year, catalogue no. SNDWCD0047

Ives Ensemble
Morton Feldman – Piano and String Quartet
(cd copy made by a friend, gorgeous music wherein nothing happens but you are moved anyway)

Mike Fentross & Maarten Ornstein
Oblivion Soave
Zefir Records, 2016

Kassé Mady Diabaté
No Format, 2014

Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal
Chamber Music
No Format, 2009

A Traveller’s Tale
EWM, 2013
EWM, 2016

The Jig
Proximo Disco
Butt Crack Recordings, 2016

Songlines sampler issue 112 and Crescendo sampler vol. 58

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